Promotional Flash Drives


Promotional Flash Drives, Custom Printed And Engraved USBs

You probably already know this but we'll tell you anyway: Advertising is the means of promoting one's self, company or product to the public to attract clients and customers. There are literally hundreds of ways to promote or advertise a business, product and even public identity. Advertising methods range from simple word of mouth, giving fliers, business cards, big time commercials in large television networks and the internet. However, there are small and subtle methods which can give enormous results and still make you look like a high roller. One is the use of promotional flash drives as substitute to business cards and advertisement schemes.

But why use promotional USB drives?

People often chuck business cards, Sorry but it's true. And It's has been an age old marketing trick to use items used by people every day and place advertising ads on these items. An example is giving off items such as ball pens with imprints of a company name, company calendars, mugs with pictures of products and such. These where done in the days of old, however in our modern times and with the growing trend of computerisation. Using gadgets for promotional schemes seems to be the next logical step and of course one of the most used types of gadget today is the ever popular custom flash drives.

Almost every person who has a computer or works with a computer or in a place where computers are used have flash drives. A small but extremely handy gadget that lets you transfer data from one computer to another. Through these small devices, briefcases full of papers, notes and such can be simply stored digitally on these small devices which you can carry inside your pocket. If one can create the means to make use of USB drives as promotional devices for a company, then it would be a formidable means to attract customers and clients and this is our specialty.

Who are we?

We are a company that provides and manufactures promotional flash drives for everyone. We are a group of talented and artistic individuals ranging from image and print designers, software developers and computer engineers who are able to create custom made USB drives according to you preferred design and promotional strategy. You can choose from our thousands of USB designs to choose from or you can give us any design you want for your promotional flash drives and we will create it for you.

How do we make promotional flash drives?

We are capable of creating any print design for the outer covering of your promotional flash drives. We can place your name or the name of your company, your company logo or a picture of your products and such, imagination is only the limit. Aside from stylish USB drive cases, we can also add a promotional advertisement which is embedded on the USB drive itself. You can add an advertising ad which will pop up to remind a customer about your company's services or in any kind of advertising method you prefer.

Our USB drives are high quality and heavy duty, unlike others kinds of flash drives which can be damaged easily, especially if dropped. Our USB drives come in storage sizes ranging from 2 GB to 32 GB capacity. We have a large number of USB cases to choose from. This ranges from traditional designs such as USB drives with detachable or swivel covers to more elegant and stylish designs such as model cars, airplanes, bottles and such. We will provide our customers all the designs we make for you to choose from. We always ensure that all of our products are top class and high quality and we will always provide you with products that will exceed your expectations every time.   

Benefits of using promotional flash drives

Unlike using traditional kinds of promotional advertising methods, the use of devices such as USB drives can greatly enhance your company's promotional reach.  By simply giving off promotional flash drives as stylish business cards to would be clients (We actually stock a business card shaped usb, its made from hard plastic so it's quiet hard to rip up) Customers and even employees carrying your USB can greatly enhance the company's image. A person receiving such handy gadgets will surely appreciate it very much and will surely reciprocate the same appreciative gesture. It is one of the highly effective ways of advertising in a more personal manner these days.

Promotional flash drives can really imprint your product or services to a recipient of such devices and is a sure way to remind them of you every time.